Facebook is Letting Users to Contact Celebs for 11£

This is quite exciting hunch coming from Facebook, that they guys are charging about 11 £ to their UK users to have a chat with their favorite celebs, like Tom Daley (an Olympic diver). And the standard cost is about 71 P which is charged for less renowned celebs who have tiny circles of friends, fans and followers. The test scheme firm has just launched it, cheap one like Robert peston and Cressida bonas.

facebookThis is still in the process that whether we are supposed to launch it in all social networks since the experimental phases are ongoing and being evaluated for best results, said by Facebook spokesman.

Facebook narrator said this practice is being tested among few enthusiast users, while this has not been yet executed in other countries’ networks and the prices we are charging to UK users are optimal yet, it is being measured that if a significant piece of feedback is received then it can be rolled out in the entire globe.

Facebook has set its prices in trial sessions and charging US since Dec, the same pricing trails have been applied to other 35 countries. It is anticipated that Facebook will form a price structure based on the number of followers, fans and paid massages so far received in recent weeks.

facebook-homeWe are giving an opportunity for users to make a contact with famous celebs devoid of having any spam circles and it allows them to chat with individuals outside of their laps, said the spokesman.

The price structure is free for UK users to send messages to strangers while those who are in trail sessions can only view the fee structure charging about 10 P for Daley as well as contacting the authors like Salman Rushdie.

A standard price bracket of 71 P is being charged for Jeremy Hunt (Culture Secretary) and the comedian Bill Bailey.

It seems a controversial part for charging fees, since Facebook is saying that they are discouraging the spam activities and prevents the users who are paying for the massages, additionally the message will go straight in Inbox instead it drives to the “other” folder which can accumulate all communications coming from beyond the friend loops.

saleenaIn early January Mark Zukerberg (Facebook Founder) has fixed a price of 100 $ to be contacted by users, he was wishing to revolutionize massaging system rather emailing and wanting to roll out it in June @facebook.com email ids for all users.

Lain Mackenzie deprived of the procedures a bit, like he said that the level of fame of any Celebes cannot be measured accurately with the number of followers, fans or big giant loops of friend’s network. We cannot wholly get based on the scale of fame. Lain is a market evaluator and Facebook spokesman Europe.


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